Category: Epidemiological study

Mar 21

Osteoporosis in older men: the CHAMP study

Bleicher K, et al. Prevalence and treatment of osteoporosis in older Australian men: findings from the CHAMP study. MJA 2010;193:387-391
Osteoporosis is very common in men aged over 70 years and probably under-recognised and undertreated; 25% of participants had osteoporosis.

Feb 25

Incidence and progression of thyroid dysfunction in elderly

Gopinath B, et al. Five-year incidence and progression of thyroid dysfunction in an older population. Internal Medicine Journal 2010;40(9):642–649
The rate of progression from subclinical to overt hypothyroidism in older people is about 1 in 6 over five years.

Jan 21

Chronic kidney disease and risk of cardiovascular disease

Di Angelantonio E, et al. CKD and risk of major CVD and no-vascular mortality: prospective population based cohort study. BMJ. 2010;341:c4986
Even the earliest stages of CKD seem to be independently associated with an increased risk of subsequent CHD.