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Mar 01

Duct tape to treat cutaneous warts

Kwok CS, et al. Cochrane database of systematic reviews 2012 Sep 12(9):CD001781
Duct tape should not be routinely recommended as wart therapy. There is no compelling evidence that duct tape is more effective than placebo.

Oct 24

Is cryotherapy the best treatment for common warts?

Bruggink SC, et al. CMAJ 2010; 182(15): 1624-30
LN2 cryotherapy is likely more effective than topical salicyclic acid for the treatment of common warts in primary care.

Jan 31

Cryotherapy vs topical salicylic acid for cutaneous warts

Bruggink SC, et al. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen versus topical salicylic acid application for cutaneous warts in primary care: a randomized controlled trial. CMAJ. October 19, 2010; 182 (15)
Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is more effective than topical salicylic acid ointment for treatment of cutaneous common warts.