We want you!

We want your help!

It is the hope and intention of Morsels of Evidence that its readers, particularly Australian general practitioners working in primary health care, will help contribute to the richness of its content.

Morsels of Evidence aspires to the philosophy of Web 2.0; allowing users to collaborate, interact, generate and share their own content.  It is designed with user participation in mind.

So, how can I contribute?

(1) Post comments

Australian general practitioners hold a wealth of clinical knowledge. Your point of view and expertise may help inform your colleagues and stimulate discussion on the topic at hand. Often, the discussion helps demonstrate ambiguities in the evidence base, elaborates popular biases and misconceptions, as well highlights how the evidence can be applied to clinical practice.

HOW TO: Post comments

(2) Become a member

Although you can submit comments without being a member of Morsels of Evidence, membership has advantages for the regular user of the website. Once registered and logged into the website, you can avoid the necessity of entering your name and e-mail every time you wish to post a comment. Moreover, you can opt to personalise your comments by uploading an “avatar” (small square image) as well as writing a short biographical excerpt about yourself.

HOW TO: Become a member

(3) E-mail journal articles to Morsels of Evidence

If you read a particularly interesting journal article please use the form on the contact page to e-mail the website administrator. Alternatively, you can e-mail the administrator directly: admin (at)

We are always looking for new and interesting content to review and your suggestions are very welcome.

(4) Consider authoring/co-authoring a review!

Critical review of contemporaneous articles is not easy but can be an enlightening experience. Morsels of Evidence welcomes anyone who wishes to author or co-author one of the articles of this website; be it a regular or one-off collaboration.

Please use the form on the contact page to e-mail the website administrator. Alternatively, you can e-mail the administrator directly: admin (at)

(5) Inform your colleagues about Morsels of Evidence

Morsels of Evidence wishes to make evidence based medicine useful and interesting. The greater the readership, the more comments and discussions, the more useful and interesting it becomes.  Let your professional friends and colleagues know about the website!

At the end of each article are social media sharing tools. For those who are internet savvy, consider using these tools if you deem it appropriate.

Social media sharing tools

Social media sharing tools

(6) Donate to the running costs of Morsels of Evidence

Morsels of Evidence does not accept pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and we do not accept web based advertising for funding. Apart from the time and effort donated by the team, the running cost of the website is funded directly by the administrator. If you believe that Morsels of Evidence is a valuable resource, please consider offsetting the running costs of the website with  a donation.

Donations are handled securely by PayPal.

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