Drowning in mail

Typical GP's inbox

“Information overload” is a problem faced by general practitioners.  We are awash daily in a flood of new data through clinical interactions, professional correspondence, doctor’s publications, pharmaceutical advertisements, advisories from the health department, new or updated guidelines, the mass media, not to mention medical journals.  In this cacophony, understanding of any new evidence may be lost.

The goal of Morsels of Evidence is to provide Australian general practitioners regular updates that are short, sharp and immediately clinically relevant; distilled evidence from contemporaneous published articles in peer-reviewed journals.  It hopes to make a practical difference for individual general practitioners, and to improve the quality of health care delivery in primary health care in general.

New articles are published on Wednesday morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Please feel free to contact the site administrator or leave a comment on the article itself if you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms.

Disclaimer: please do not consider the clinical opinions expressed on Morsels of Evidence to be authoritative.  Remember that evidence based medicine involves the application of best scientific evidence to the individual clinical scenario and there is always a need to exercise due judgement.

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