Category: Practice quality

Aug 03

Does warming LAs reduce the pain of injection?

Hogan ME, VanderVaart S, Perampaladas K, et al. Ann Emerg Med 2011 Jul; 58(1): 86-98.e1
Warming the local anaesthetic probably does reduce pain in general, but not by much in most individuals.

Mar 18

Blood pressure measurement; conventional vs automated

Myers MG, et al. Conventional versus automated measurement of blood pressure in primary care patients with systolic hypertension: randomised parallel design controlled trial. BMJ 2011; 342: d286
Automated BP measurement is significantly closer to waking ambulatory BP than conventional manual measurement.

Jan 24

Drug company information and physicians’ prescribing

Spurling GK, et al. Information from pharmaceutical companies and the quality, quantity and cost of physicians’ prescribing: a systematic review. PLoS Med, 2010; 7(10)
Exposure does not improve prescribing quality, reduce prescribing frequency or reduce prescribing costs.